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Integrity Real Estate Inspection specializes in creating happy clients. Here's what a few have to say:

"You inspected a house for me in Maumelle about 3 weeks ago.  The one that had all the water in the backyard and the outside that turned out to be rotted and mortar falling apart. 
"Well, I think I have found a much better house in the Breckenridge area of Little Rock.  If you are willing to come to LR next week, I would love to use you maybe one last time.  I think and hope this one will be an easier inspection. 
" - Carol O.
"Thank you for the inspection on the property at  Hannah on Friday.  The report was informative, detailed and very professional. " - Craig C.
" Thank you for doing our home inspection, I feel that you were very honest, took your time and did a thorough inspection.  I especially liked all the photos and also the description page with arrows on the photos pointing out the problems or areas that need special attention.  I will definitely if needed, use you again and I will certainly recommend you to our friends and family." -Brandy L.
" Hey Russell.  I have recieved and reviewed the home inspection report.  I appreciate the work you've done and if necessary would be glad to offer you more business in the future." - Todd

Proudly serving central Arkansas!

Healthy Home Inspection
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